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Import Items

  • ICT Equipment
  • Agricultural & Industrial Machineries
  • Papers, Photo paper, Photo printer & Accessories
  • Generators
  • Military Equipment


  • Garment
  • Printing & Packaging

Emerging Projects

  • Plastering/Cement Factory
  • Mink Blanket & Textiles Factory
  • Paper Factory
  • Dairy Farming

ICT Equipment

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Laptop & Desktop Computers, Different kinds of UPSs, Computer Accessories, Printers, Scanners,, Photo copy machines, plotters, Projectors, Digital Cameras and other Electronic materials and much more.


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A server is a computer that provides data to other computers. It may serve data to systems on a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) over the Internet. We can say it aslo program provides a service in a network.

Photo printing Machines

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Photo paper and photo printer machines like iron wire book binding machine, hardcover book binding equipment, multi-function photo book binding machine, semi-automatic die cutting creasing machine and spare parts.

Textile & Mink Blanket Factory

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The design of the new factory constructed in Addis Ababa (Kality) allowed the introduction of the most advanced machineries to take full advantage of modern garment textile and mink blanket products

Agricultural Machineries

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Tractors and Power machines, Soil cultivation machines, Planting machines, Fertilizing and pest control machines, Irrigation machines, Produce sorters, Harvesting machines, Lifters, Loaders, and much more ...

Industrial Machineries

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Doffing cylinder, Dry blender, Plate rolling machine, Industrial agitator, Industrial mixer, Industrial shredder, Cement mill, Continuous filament winding machine, Optical sorting, Three roll mill, tilt tray sorter and much more �


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CEMAN BUSINESS is authorized importer and distributor of POWERTEC Generator Systems. The company is also importer & distributor of Electric Generators, Engine Generators, and other generators

Printing & Packaging

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Our printing & packaging service is the recent business that we are involving. We provide paper printing as well as digital printing. We are also in a way to launch Paper Factory to fill the paper demand in the country.